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Tuesday, May 10, 2022 – Virtual Conference Package

We’re excited to have you join our first in Person / Virtual conference and look forward to your feedback – what was awesome and how we can improve in the future.

The AGENDA below includes links to the live sessions (on zoom), session surveys, and to our valued Sponsors, are also featured in the Sponsors section – check out their websites to learn more about what they offer.

Please take advantage of the virtual networking activities included in your package:
· 8:00 a.m. Virtual Meet Up (10 minutes)
· 9:50 a.m. Break Activities (5 minutes) – choose from : Stretch Break of Mindful Moment
· 12:30 p.m. Virtual Lunch Meet Up (10 minutes)
· 2:15 p.m. Virtual Closing Meet up (10 minutes)

Conference Platform: Zoom
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Conference Agenda & Links
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Lifestream = in person conference session live-streamed to virtual participants (on zoom)
Virtual = both the presenter and participants are virtual (on zoom)

 8:00 a.m.Virtual Welcome & 10 minute Meet Up (Virtual)
· Enter here (zoom link)  
 8:15 a.m.Conference Welcome & Opening Keynote (livestream)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Opening Keynote Presentation
· Session sponsor: RRC Polytech Corporate Solutions
 9:30 a.m.BREAK
 9:50 a.m. Optional Break Activities (5 minutes) – Choose one:
· Stretch Break (virtual) – Enter here (zoom link)
· Mindful Moment (virtual)- Enter here (zoom link)
 10:00 a.m.Leadershift Panel (Lifestream)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Leadershift Panel Session
· Session sponsor: University of Manitoba Extended Education 
 10:45 a.m.BREAK
 11:00 a.m.Breakout/Concurrent Sessions – Choose one:
Leader in the Middle (livestream, includes zoom breakout rooms)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Leader in the Middle Session
· Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
· Session sponsor: Practical Safety Health & Environmental Solutions
Redesigning the Workplace: Flexibility and the Future of Work (livestream)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Redesigning the Workplace Session
· Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
· Session sponsor: ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership
 Inclusive Behaviours for Inclusive Leadership (virtual)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Inclusive Behaviours for Inclusive Leadership Session
· Session Handouts (pdf)
· Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
· Session Sponsor: Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
12:00 p.m.LUNCH
12:30 p.m.Virtual Lunch Meet Up (10 minutes, virtual)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· Session sponsor: Canadian College of Health Leaders, Manitoba Chapter
 1:00 p.m.Breakout / Concurrent Sessions – Choose one:
 What if it Works? (livestream)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: What if it Works Session
· Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
 Well-Being and Mental Health at Work (livestream)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Well-Being and Mental Health Session
· Powerpoint presentation (pdf)
· Resource: Mindset Strategy Guidebook 2022 (pdf)
· Session sponsor: Relish Strategic Creative Interactive
The Power of Curiosity (virtual)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: The Power of Curiosity Session
· Session sponsor: Réseau Compassion Network
2:00 p.m.BREAK
2:15 p.m.Closing 10 minute Meet Up (virtual)
· Enter here (zoom link)
2:30 p.m.Closing Keynote (livestream)
· Enter here (zoom link)
· SURVEY: Closing Keynote Presentation
 3:30 p.m.Conference is adjourned




Dr. Gordon draws on her extensive research in leadership, relationships and emotional intelligence to help you foster the skills you need to lead successfully.

A dynamic and highly sought after speaker, she excels at communicating complex research in a simple way, to equip leaders with practical, actionable solutions.

Often featured in national media outlets, including as Cityline’s leadership and relationship expert, she has worked with Good Morning America, Forbes, and The New York Times.

This past fall, Karyn released her latest bestselling book The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance and Engagement.

As a professional coach for over 20 years, she has applied her highly strategic, solution-oriented approach with great success in both organizations and families. Dr. Gordon’s wealth of experience in both corporate and family cultures gives her refreshing insight into how leadership tools can impact both professional and personal performance levels.


We all want to be great leaders who are confident, productive and highly energized. But research shows that if we don’t learn foundational leadership skills, we’ll face problems with communication, performance and employee retention. The stakes are high.

When we study great leaders, we discover powerful patterns in their everyday behavior. These patterns include how they lead teams, inspire people, give feedback, manage time and energy, handle conflict, take initiative and responsibility, and manage change under pressure. 

We’re all leaders at different times and for different reasons. Dr. Karyn Gordon will share a proven framework and practical strategies to transform our ability to lead others. It’s simple, empowering and can be learned by current, emerging and aspiring leaders in all walks of life and work.

Karyn provides honest insight… and results oriented approaches.

A must-read book for anyone wanting to develop great leadership skills… Three Chairs hooked me from the start with its engaging storytelling, scientific research and abundant actionable tools.



Kimberley Levasseur Puhach
Vice President People, Culture and Growth
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Jamie Hall
Vice President, SAFE Work Manitoba
Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
Gina Trinidad
Regional Lead, Health Services – Community and Continuing Care
Jessica Floresco
General Manager
Mother Earth Recycling
Shreeraj Patel
Vice President – Commercial Financial Services RBC Royal Bank of Canada


Join us for an exploration of the shifting role of leaders. We’ll dive into challenges, opportunities and experiences of these leaders, along with the values, qualities and skills they embrace. Come prepared for insightful discussion, inspiring stories and ideas to take back to your workplace as you redesign your next chapter.

Zofia Dove


Humour is a powerful leadership tool to motivate, energize and inspire your team. By integrating humour in the workplace, leaders can tap into multiple psychological, physical, social and spiritual benefits. 

Learn how humour affects your brain and emotional well-being, and how it can be a powerful tool for relationship building. Humour impacts teamwork, is an antidote during challenging times, and is a limitless source of innovation with fascinating outcomes. Discover how to recognize your existing skills and gain practical new tools for applying humour.

You won’t want to miss Zofia’s closing keynote and passionate plea for laughter in the workplace as you redesign your next chapter.


Zofia Dove is an inspiring, empowering and entertaining speaker, who brings light, love and laughter to serious topics. She shares her passion for the power of humour in communication with leaders, professionals, teams and caregivers. 

With over 30 years of international experience in health care, specifically in geriatric and palliative care, Zofia has touched the lives of thousands of people in a profound way, bringing joy and laughter to patients at the most critical time of their lives. She is the author of “Unexpected Gifts”, a book inspired by interactions and experiences with her clients.

Zofia’s message on the profound influence of humour leaves a lasting impact on audiences everywhere.


Josh Bileski
DEIB Strategy and Implementation Lead Payworks


Are you looking to improve your skills as an Inclusive Leader? Take this opportunity to reconsider what you already know through different lenses and look for new ways to apply that knowledge. Explore four inclusive behaviours, reflect on your personal inclusive behaviour style, and develop an accountability plan for continuous improvement. You will leave with at least five easily implemented tactics, scientifically proven tools and actions to improve the experience of your team and yield better organizational results. This highly interactive session is designed to allow you to grow your skills, wherever you are on your journey.

Jordan Friesen
Founder and President Mindset Mental Health Strategy
Catherine Gordon
People and Culture
Canuck Place Children’s Hospice


At the heart of workplace wellness is the mental health and well-being of all employees. Although there appears to be an increased desire by organizations and leaders to focus on mentally healthy workplaces, many don’t know where to start or how to entrench wellness into their culture. At this session you’ll hear from two leaders with a strong track record for developing strategy, creating programs, and educating employees and leaders to support workplace mental health. Leave with inspiration, ideas and resources to move wellness forward in your workplace.

Jennifer Kilimnik
Director of Culture and Compassion
Réseau Compassion Network


People have changed. Employees are looking for more connection, meaning and purpose in the workplace. Leaders are increasingly faced with difficult and emotionally charged conversations, along with conflicting views on a variety of high stakes issues. With the “great resignation” and turnover on the rise, leaders at all levels also play a big role in retention and employee well-being. Could curiosity be the key to communication as we move forward?

This session will explore curious conversations. You know the kind – the ones where you walk away feeling energized and excited, interested and connected, and taken to places you never imagined. In this interactive session we’ll dig into the reasons for curious conversations and how to get past barriers that might get in the way. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and try out tools, connect to that place in each of ourselves that gets curious, and discover the amazing power of curiosity.

Ardele Karaganis
Senior Consultant,
Strategic Human Resource Consulting
People First HR Services
Lee Waltham
Managing Partner
Brandish Agency
Nicola Garrett
Marketing Manager
MLT Aikins LLP


It’s a time of change and transformation as organizations and leaders consider alternatives to the traditional workspace moving forward. Many workplaces now have experience transitioning employees to remote work and are considering to what extent this will continue in the future. However, remote work is just one aspect of flexibility available to leaders and organizations. 

Join us for an exploration of the changing nature of the workplace, underscored by employee retention issues and the great resignation. Hear from two local organizations that have adopted new options for employees, and consider key issues around company policies, performance, employee satisfaction and more.

Patrick O’Reilly
Certified Executive Coach and President
Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc.
Katharine Cherewyk
Certified Executive Coach (ACC) and Facilitator
Padraig Coaching & Consulting


Leaders in the middle of the organization play a critical role in employee morale, engagement, satisfaction and retention. They are responsible for leading their team through change and communicating key messages and policies, often without the opportunity to provide input into directives that come from above. As a leader, follower, and colleague, this role requires the development of essential skills to influence and communicate up the chain of command, while maintaining authenticity, commitment and respect within their team. At this session we’ll dive into the world of leaders who are sandwiched in the middle, and provide guidance how these leaders can have a positive impact, achieve results, and influence others.

Maxine Zasitko
Clinical Team Manager – Public Health
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority


This session will explore the power and impact of approaching new ideas and projects with the perspective of ‘What if it Works’ to help position and promote them for success. The influence and strength perspectives at play in our day to day can support or hinder us. Join Maxine to hear about her lived experiences and lessons learned during her career while addressing public health issues in rural Manitoba. Hear stories of empowerment in leadership and the importance of creating a supportive environment when introducing a new initiative.

Barbara Lammi
Vice President
Canadian College of Health Leaders

The CCHL Circle: Collaboration, Development and Support

The CCHL Circle is a health leadership innovation that provides:
· Health leader collaboration through unique networking opportunities at your fingertips,
· Evidence-based and expert-led leadership development and
· Support through facilities dialogue, group coaching, and mentorship opportunities.

This short presentation will share all you need to know to access the Circle and everything it has to offer.


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